I have always been interested in drawing and designing i think i have my grandfathers to thank for that, Sydney E being a quick draw artist and Harvey B being an architect (then going on to woodworking in his later years).

10 years ago I felt drawn to make something out of waste wood, pallets and alike and my passion for woodwork quickly grew and through some tough parts of my life I found peace of mind focusing on my designs and seeing them through to the finished products.

In 2018 I dove into woodworking world full time as IDEA TREE DESIGNS with my family and friends support I quickly found my style making pieces to sell at a local market as well as bespoke items for customers and businesses.

After a couple of years of markets and the world getting over covid i opened a shop IDEA TREE LIVING it was a collection of natural products and designs that looked great and that could serve a purpose. iI was a dream come true.

But after a year of trading I decided to close the shop.

I wanted to slow down my woodwork and focus on functional art designs that used traditional hand held tools and I started Matthew A Emerick Designs [M-A-E-D]. 

Without the demands of retail life im looking forward to support a more considered and slower approach to my work and really let the passion of for my craft flow.